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Marian Retreat Center

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. (James: 4/8)

Anakkara is an aesthetic and serene village in Idukki district, Kerala State, India, dozing in the lap of Western Ghats (the mountain range is also known as ‘Sahyadri’). Anakkara is situated at a height of about 4000 feet above sea level on the State Highway 19 connecting Kumily and Munnar and is 13 km from Thekkady and 80 km from Munnar. Anakkara is well known for its greenery, fertile soil and quality spices. Anakkara is a temperate and quiescent countryside consisting of many hillocks, valleys and plains; and surrounded by many small and large scale cardamom and pepper plantations; temperature here varies between 14-25 degrees Celsius annually. It is one of the 36 distinct places identified by ‘Government of India’ and ‘United Nations Development Programme’ for exploring and promoting the unique tourism potential of these places.

The Omnipotent God radiated prolific providence to this blessed and sublime tranquillity for forming ‘the abode of Holy Mother and the dwelling of Holy Spirit’- Marian Retreat Centre. The Centre has been devoted to ‘Maria Rosa Mystica.’ The proximity of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Mother can be felt in all spots and turfs of the Centre, which takes away the visitors to a heavenly blessed mood. Everybody who enter the premises of the Centre can experience an ineffable and pious silence and anointing. This grace-filled Retreat Centre is having 7 chapels for keeping on the prayer and worship round the clock.

Marian Retreat Centre is a spiritual centre selected by the Holy Spirit to shed ‘Grace Upon Grace’ and assign the salvation through Jesus Christ in all around the world. This centre was planted and watered and now it is fostered and preserved by the Holy Spirit. By the wish and the paternal blessing of H. E. Mar Mathew Arackal, the bishop of Kanjirappally diocese, Marian Retreat Centre was founded by Rev. Fr. Dominic Valanmanal on 9th February, 2009 in the land of ‘Thoonkuzhiyil Mariamma Thomas Memorial Charitable Trust’ which was founded by Rev. Fr. Joseph Thoonkuzhiyil for the memory of his parents; and in 2009 it was handed over to Kanjirappally diocese. Now Rev. Fr. Joseph Thoonkuzhiyil is the President of the mentioned Trust.

Marian Retreat Centre is the official Retreat Centre of Kanjirappally diocese. The centre is led by the divine hands not by the human hands. Through the manifold miracles and signs happening in the Centre it is proved that Jesus Christ is still alive. In all Holy Services at Marian Retreat Centre, under the mastery of the founder-director Rev. Fr. Dominic, as in the time of Apostles God does miracles like casting out of demons and healing of serious diseases.

The most Prominent and peculiar ministry of Marian Retreat Centre is its ‘Deliverance Ministry.’ The most primordial aspiration of this Centre is to preach the Good News all over the world and deliver God’s people from the diabolical bondage of demon; and moreover provide people the awareness of Eternal Life with God in ecstasy.

Bishop H. E. Mar Mathew Arackal supported Rev. Fr. Dominic with 7 more priests. Under the spiritual leadership of Rev. Fr. Dominic around 250 disciples including priests, nuns and laymen are serving at the Retreat Centre. In this materialistic world this spiritual centre creates overwhelming and dynamic spiritual transformations in the lives of people around the globe. By the period of 8 years now the centre has evolved into a ‘Home of Deliverance, Healing and Anointing.’

Every 1st Saturday “Grace Anointing Convention” is conducted at the Retreat Centre. More than 15000 peoples including Bishops, Priests and Nuns are partaking in it at the Centre; all over the world millions people attending the Convention through online live programme. On all other Saturdays ‘One Day Conventions’ are held. Two Residential Retreats (5 days each) are being conducted in every month. Even though 550 seats are allowed by the diocese for this “Grace Experience Residential Retreat”, the Centre is getting more than 7000 calls from all over the world on each booking day. So the Centre is compelled to allow 600 people for the retreat. In each retreat except laymen from native land and from abroad one or two Bishops, around 50 priests and 70 nuns are attending. In other days of the month Rev. Fr. Dominic would do his Services in other parts of the country and in foreign countries. Millions of laymen, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Nuns are participating in these conventions and Retreats. Other Ministries of Marian Retreat Centre led by Rev. Fr. Dominic are “Marian Children’s Ministry,” “Marian Couples’ Ministry,” “Marian Ministry for Business People,” “Marian Doctors’ Ministry,” “Marian Nurses’ Ministry,” “Marian Scientists’ Ministry,” “Marian Teachers’ Ministry,” “Marian Farmers’ Ministry,” “Marian Youth Ministry,” “Marian Intercessory Prayer Ministry,” “School of Mother Mary,” “Marian World Evangelisation Ministry,” “Marian Outreach Ministry” etc. Tele Vision Programmes in local language (Malayalam) are “Parudeesa” in Shalom T V, “Krupabhishekam” in Goodness Divine T V. The Centre has its own Web T V named “Heavenly Jerusalem” and a well-equipped studio too.

Now Rev. Fr. Dominic and Marian Retreat Centre have a major position in “The World Evangelisation”. All talks and Bible classes in the Centre are on the basis of Catholic teachings centred on the Holy Eucharist.

In all Ministries and other activities of the Retreat Centre Rev. Fr. Dominic is well-assisted by the Asst. Director Rev. Fr. Philip Manimalakkunnel, Rev. Fr. Jose Karukaparampil, Br. Jaison James, Br. Jobins George, and the manager Br. Vimal Sunny. A blessed and gifted back-end team of Counsellors, intercessory prayer groups and musicians add uniqueness to the Spiritual Missions of the Centre.

After all by the support of Kanjirappally diocese Rev. Fr. Dominic and his supporting crew in Marian Retreat Centre, with the might of the Fruits and the Gifts of Holy Spirit, through the Retreats, Conventions, Online Programmes and T V Programmes, prepare the peoples all over the world for the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? Or what will they give in return for their life? (Mathew: 16/26)